Our First Anniversary

Not a great photograph, but it has great value for us. In an informal setting, on July 18, 2013, we decided to get together in a tavern in San Sebastian to celebrate the online launch of our digital magazine, Basque Tribune. Three of our four team members were there: Oianko Choperena, David Soto and I, since Michelle Alzola was missing. We were accompanied by the author of the photo and member of our Advisory Council, Iñigo Balerdi.

It was a great moment, but seeing our project take shape over the following months has been even greater. We have managed to attract thousands of people who follow us with interest each time a new article is published.

basquetribuneOur original purpose was clear: we wanted to make the Basque Country known to the world in a different way: we wanted to make known our history, our economy, our politics, our language, our culture, our institutions, our sports… but through in-depth articles, by prestigious authors. Our approach was not about delivering day-to-day news. Our approach was similar to what now is being called slow journalism with its focus on analysis, reflection and information and not pressured or driven by immediacy.

And we are very happy. The response we are seeing from you is very positive. This is why we want to continue taking steps forward and gradually improving to the extent of our possibilities. We want to increase the number of monthly articles; we want to improve the design; we want to create a version for smartphones; we want to reach more places and more people; ultimately we want Basqueness to be increasingly better known in the world.

Thank you, therefore, to all readers, and special appreciation to my aforementioned team members, for their hard work and patience with me. Thanks also to all the members of the Advisory Council, for their opinions, suggestions and the prestige they bring to the publication; and thanks also to the collaborating authors for their magnificent articles.

We hope to continue to grow and I believe we will do so. But economic assistance is also required. Therefore I dare to ask you, to the extent of your possibilities, to help us economically by participating in the promotion of a great trip for two people in a drawing about to take place in a month. For every 10 euros you donate, you can qualify for this amazing trip and at the same time you are helping with the future of Basque Tribune.

One year is very little, we are hoping for many more.

Eskerrik asko, thank you.

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Iñaki Galdos Irazabal
Iñaki Galdos Irazabal is editor at Basque Tribune. E-Mail | @inakigaldosira

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