Mikel Alonso, the new addition to our Advisory Board.

When the editor of Basque Tribune presented this project to Mikel Alonso, he agreed to join the Board because he liked the idea of informing the world about what is going on in the Basque Country.
Mikel Alonso is known above all for his football/soccer career, but those who know him personally can testify as well about his solid education and vision of great interest regarding today’s world.
His incorporation to this new project is great news for us at Basque Tribune, because his contributions will be used to enrich this new publishing project. For this reason, we express our appreciation to him. Thank you, Mikel.

Mikel Alonso Olano

Mikel Alonso Olano

The members of the Advisory Council

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Iñaki Galdos Irazabal
Iñaki Galdos Irazabal is editor at Basque Tribune. E-Mail | @inakigaldosira

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